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SunSwitch Ltd is a leading radiant heating specialist and the UK's exclusive distributor of quality radiant infrared heaters from Star Progetti, Italy.

For help and advice on how to cut your energy bills and the best solution for your heating requirements, contact us now.

Infrared Heating: The truly effective, money-saving heating solution

SunSwitch infrared heaters work instantly, providing outstanding comfort and combine warmth with low, calculable running costs, saving up to 70% compared to traditional air heating systems because there is no dispersion of the heat.

Infrared heaters produce radiant heat energy which travels through the air easily and warms you exactly like the warmth of the sun’s rays. This allows you to focus the heat just where you want it.

Infrared heaters don’t warm the air directly, so the air temperature is lower that it would be with other heating methods. This not only saves energy and money but it makes for far more comfortable working conditions.

Save up to 70% compared to traditional air heating systems
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News and Advice

What are the problems and disadvantages with a SunSwitch® Infrared Heater?

Unlike conventional heaters, SunSwitch® Infrared Heaters do not heat the air, they only heat objects and us as people. This means you will only feel the warmth of the heater when you’re within the Infrared heating zone of the heater.

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What are the key benefits of SunSwitch® Shortwave Infrared Heaters compared with other conventional Gas, Oil, Electric Warm-air heaters?

SunSwitch® Heaters use Short-Wave Infrared technology, which means they do not heat the air, unlike other types of conventional heaters which do.

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What does it cost to buy and run a SunSwitch Infrared Heater?

You can be assured to find a heater from our widest choice of specialist infrared heaters to suit your individual requirements and budget.

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