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Church Heaters

Keep your congregation warm all year round with powerful and efficient electric radiant heating.

Church-building with Helios HPV3-60T infrared heaters

The only truly effective, money-saving heating solution

It’s a win-win solution: your congregation enjoy instant comfortable warmth and you enjoy the cost-saving benefits of efficient shortwave infrared heating, whilst reducing your carbon footprint at the same time!

SunSwitch church heaters produce instant shortwave infrared warmth, just like the sun. This is the most eco-friendly man-made source of heat because it does not heat the air but creates an instant pool of warmth, which directly warms people and will not rise to the ceiling or drift away with air movement. This helps to keep your congregation warm without wasting money, unlike with conventional heating systems that warm the air which can then drift away!

Because there is no dispersion of the heat SunSwitch infrared heaters are incredibly efficient and can save you up to 70% on your electricity bills compared to traditional air heating systems.

Furthermore, SunSwitch electric warehouse heaters cost much less to buy and run than alternatives and are virtually maintenance-free. No contest!

Churches and heritage buildings and halls are notoriously difficult to heat. They are usually poorly insulated by modern day standards, and may have thick stone walls and floors, so may have a high thermal mass. This means they take a long time to heat up, using a lot of energy in the process. This is an issue because most churches, heritage buildings and halls are occupied only intermittently, e.g. just a few hours a week for worship.

The high ceilings make it all too easy for the air warmed by conventional heating systems to rise to the ceiling where it’s of little use to the congregation; this is known as heat stratification and is a significant problem when trying to heat large spaces resulting in a waste of both heat and money.

Traditional heating can be very damaging to older churches, particularly where they are subjected to weekly heating cycles. It is only in the last 150 years that we have sought to heat churches and often the signs of damage are evident. The thermal and humidity shocks caused by warming air, coupled with the release of moisture from people, produces condensation on cold walls, timbers and artworks. This presents a tremendous challenge for conservation as the damage is cumulative with long term implications. The black mould spots of the Stachybotrys fungus, dry rot and wet rot are all too familiar.

SunSwitch shortwave infrared provides a completely different heating technique with major benefits, including energy efficiency and being safe for the building itself.

Stratification of warm air in a conventionally heated building
Heat loss through heat stratification is a significant problem
Infrared heating at St. Andrew's Church, Sherborne St. John
Church with rows of mounted Infrared Heaters

SunSwitch Expert Advice

Not sure which heaters are right for your church building? No problem! Our complimentary service will help you to understand which heating products are best suited to your space.

In the right environment, there is no other heating technology which can deliver instantaneous heat in an effective manner, whilst also significantly reducing your heating bills and carbon footprint!

Complete the enquiry form with details of the space(s) you’re looking to heat and our expert team will put together a heating solution based on your specific requirements, including:

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Buy Church Heaters

SunSwitch infrared heaters are incredibly efficient and can save you up to 70% on your electricity bills compared to traditional air heating systems.

  • Varma Tower 3kW infrared heater
  • Helios TITAN Super-Power 6.0kW Horizontal EHT3-60
  • Helios TITAN Super-Power 4.5kW Vertical EHTV3-45
  • Helios TITAN Super-Power 4.5kW Horizontal EHT3-45
  • Helios HP3-60T 6.0kW high bay, high power warehouse and factory heater
  • Helios HPV3-60T 6.0kW high bay, high power warehouse and factory heater
  • Varma V400 Vertical 3kW high output radiant infrared heater
  • Varma V400 Horizontal 3kW high output radiant infrared heater
  • Varma V400 2kW industrial infrared heater for factories, workshops and garages

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