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Save up to 70% on heating costs compared to traditional air heating systems

SunSwitch Infrared Heating truly is an effective, money-saving heating solution, suitable for a wide range of Industrial, Commercial and Retail environments.

Our heaters provide immediate warmth where and when you need it with low, calculable running costs, saving you up to 70% on heating costs compared to traditional air heating systems.

The use of short-wave infrared technology makes it possible to create Local Warming—a ‘heat bubble’ to heat a specific area where people are present, only when necessary and only for as long as necessary. The heat is not affected by the movement of air caused, for example by doors and windows being opened and closed, or stratification, where warm air rises—a big problem when trying to provide heat in large spaces.

This not only saves you energy and money but also provides far more comfortable working conditions, which is why so many people and businesses are switching from gas and oil to our effective, eco-friendly and inexpensive to run heating solutions.

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