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Baggage Room heating

Sunswitch infrared heaters are ideal for heating baggage rooms because of the use of shortwave infrared heating technology, which prevents wind from affecting the heat.

Airport baggage room

One of the coldest places in an airport is the area where luggage is loaded and unloaded. It is close to the locations where an aircraft has parked and is located on the outskirts of the plane taxi area. Bags are constantly being loaded and unloaded onto the carousels since the areas are used around-the-clock, all year round.

Due to the extremely high winds and frequently open doors, conventional heating methods have proved very expensive and totally ineffective in these spaces.

SunSwitch Infrared Baggage Room Heaters

Sunswitch has the ideal heating solution for heating airports and baggage room facilities. In these locations, we have a variety of quality infrared heaters that may be installed above the working personnel. They are ideal for direct heating in big open spaces and may be turned on and off as needed using our selection of energy-saving controllers.

The baggage room heaters are not affected by wind since Sunswitch uses shortwave infrared heating technology, thus the heat is felt directly from the person or thing underneath. In contrast to conventional heaters, infrared heaters are not intrusive and can be installed above the workers, taking up no floor space.