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Container shelter heating

SunSwitch shortwave infrared heaters are the optimal container shelter heating solution due to them being unobtrusive, economically efficient and powerful.

Conatiner Shelter

Benefits of SunSwitch infrared heaters for container shelters:

Container shelter’s have always been known as hard to heat areas with the open spaces around them letting the air escape and moisture build up. Traditional container shelter heating methods such as fan heaters and gas heaters tend to be bulky, uneconomical and not good for your health as they unsettle dust.

SunSwitch infrared container shelter heaters

SunSwitch have a range of high quality infrared heaters that are designed to combat the problems of container shelter heating. They are unobtrusive yet effective, economically efficient yet powerful. The infrared heaters are not effected by draughts and by using the latest in infrared shortwave technology, they heat the people/objects directly instead of the air around, resulting in a pleasantly fresh and not stuffy environment. They also dry out the container shelters.

Bespoke Control Panels

Our off-the-shelf controllers listed below go up to 6kW and are great when installing one or two heaters. However, for larger industrial installations, where multiple heaters exceeding 6kW are being used to warm an area and require to be controlled simultaneously, we also offer bespoke control panels. For more information and to contact us with your requirements, please click here.