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Garage and Car Showroom Heating

SunSwitch range of high quality shortwave infrared heaters are an exceptional garage and showroom heating solution, directly heating objects and people and not the air around them.

Young couple buying a new car in showroom

Garage and showroom heating is another application that falls into the list of ‘hard to heat’ areas. Opening garage doors, high ceilings and large floor spaces…it seems almost impossible to keep any kind of heat inside them.

SunSwitch infrared garage heaters
SunSwitch uses shortwave infrared heating, which can heat spaces and zones effectively. Because SunSwitch range of infrared heaters are known to heat objects and people directly, we can achieve the impossible and heat many of those hard to heat areas such as garages.

Why is car showroom heating important?
Large open spaces that are difficult and expensive to heat are typical in car showrooms. Customers may be detracted and lessen the chance of purchasing a car in a chilly car dealership showroom. Some vehicles may even suffer damage from low temperatures, so a reliable heating system for car showrooms is vital.

Benefits of SunSwitch infrared heaters for garages and car showrooms

Bespoke Control Panels

Our off-the-shelf controllers listed below go up to 6kW and are great when installing one or two heaters. However, for larger industrial installations, where multiple heaters exceeding 6kW are being used to warm an area and require to be controlled simultaneously, we also offer bespoke control panels. For more information and to contact us with your requirements, please click here.

Heaters we recommend for garages and car showrooms