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Marquee heating

Marquees are known for their vast open spaces and poor insulation which makes them difficult to heat spaces.

Marquee for a wedding reception

Benefits of SunSwitch infrared heaters for aircraft hangars

Sunswitch infrared heaters provide instantaneous heat and they heat people and objects instead of the surrounding air.

A common challenge experienced when using traditional heating methods that warm the air, is that you end up with a condensation problem when warm air comes in contact with the cold and poorly insulated frame and fabric of the building.

SunSwitch infrared marquee heaters

SunSwitch offer a range of high quality infrared heaters that are powerful enough to heat up spaces on demand without leaving the atmosphere feeling stuffy. Our range of infrared space heaters can be switched on with the click of a button and the people below will feel the heat instantly. They eliminate any long pre-heating times, and makes them a very efficient and effective solution.

Bespoke Control Panels

Our off-the-shelf controllers listed below go up to 6kW and are great when installing one or two heaters. However, for larger industrial installations, where multiple heaters exceeding 6kW are being used to warm an area and require to be controlled simultaneously, we also offer bespoke control panels. For more information and to contact us with your requirements, please click here.

Heaters we recommend for marquees