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Summer House heating

SunSwitch has the ultimate summer house heating solution.

summer house

Due to the open layout and low insulating qualities of glass, summerhouse heating has always been challenging. In the past, installing and using convection heating within your summerhouse was your only option for heating it. However, this renders the summerhouse ineffective outside of the summer.

The infrared summerhouse heaters from SunSwitch are the ideal solution to your heating issues. The premium SunSwitch infrared heaters are designed to rapidly heat persons and objects, eliminating the need for pre-heating periods and allowing you to enjoy your conservatory in the utmost comfort.

Benefits of SunSwitch infrared heaters for summer houses

Check out our selection below. These are a fantastic option for summerhouses because they are sleek, discreet, very effective and efficient.

Heaters we recommend for Summer Houses