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Warehouse heating

High-quality shortwave infrared heaters from Sunswitch are an excellent option for warehouse heating since they warm things like people and items directly rather than the air around them.

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Benefits of SunSwitch infrared heaters for Warehouses

SunSwitch Infrared warehouse Heaters
SunSwitch offer a range of robust infrared space heaters specially suited for warehouse heating due to their large heat spans and efficient running costs. The infrared warehouse heaters have zero pre-heating time and can be situated in the warehouse where operatives are working, so no space is heated which is not required.

Warehouses are traditionally known to be some of the hardest areas to heat. With shutter doors constantly opening and closing and large open spaces, warehouse heating seems almost impossible. Heating the area looks nearly impossible because of the frequently opening and closing shutter doors and the wide open spaces. To combat these problems, efficient zone heating is required.

The high ceilings of warehouses make it all too simple for warm air to climb to the ceiling and collect there. People working on the ground may become and feel uncomfortably cold as a result. When attempting to heat structures with high roofs, this process, known as heat stratification, is a significant problem.

Due to the fact that it doesn’t produce stratification, infrared heating offers a simpler alternative. The heat instead directly warms objects and people since it moves in straight lines, just like the sun. Infrared heating, for example, does not heat the air it passes through.

Many warehouses and distribution centres have loading bays as a crucial component. These are frequently the primary source of heat loss because they are frequently exposed to outdoor air. Here, infrared radiation heating clearly offers advantages.

Warm air cannot leave because radiant heat does not heat the air it passes through. This enables workers who are situated near the loading bays to work comfortably regardless of the weather.

Companies all across the world are working to cut or completely eliminate their net emissions of greenhouse gases that harm the environment. Many CEOs view the heating of buildings as a priority area as they scan every aspect of their business for areas where beneficial changes can be made. Gas-based systems are becoming less popular as a result of their high carbon emissions. Instead, a lot of people are switching to electric heating systems since they have the potential to emit no emissions at the moment of use if they are powered by renewable energy. Infrared is a popular option since it has one of the highest efficiency rates of all available alternatives (up to 98% of energy is turned into heat).

Bespoke Control Panels

Our off-the-shelf controllers listed below go up to 6kW and are great when installing one or two heaters. However, for larger industrial installations, where multiple heaters exceeding 6kW are being used to warm an area and require to be controlled simultaneously, we also offer bespoke control panels. For more information and to contact us with your requirements, please click here.

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