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CC3 Black Bulb Temperature Sensor

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• Designed to measure radiant heat in indoor spaces
• Accurate thermistor sensing element.
• ±0.2°C between 0°C and 70°C
• Compatible with SunSwitch CC3 controller

The CC3 Black Bulb radiant temperature sensor is designed for use with radiant heating installations. The sensor approximates the effect of radiant heat being absorbed by a human body, measuring both radiant and convected air temperatures, and taking into account the radiant effect of warm surfaces within the controlled space. It will switch the CC3 off automatically when the temperature set point has been reached, saving energy. The CC3 output setting still functions in the usual way, allowing the heat output level to be increased or decreased as required.

For temperature control within a radiant heating zone, the CC3 Black Bulb sensor is the recommended solution. Conventional thermostats measure only the air temperature, and if used with radiant heating, will make the heating ‘hunt’ on and off.

The CC3 Black Bulb sensor contains a high quality thermistor sensing element accurate to ±0.2°C. Connection to the controller requires two wires (low impedance cable). Where cable runs are over 20m, it may be advisable to use a screened cable, with the screen connected to earth at the controller end.

An ideal location for the Black Bulb Radiant Sensor is around 1.5m height, within the radiant heating zone.


Thermistor (ntc) 10kΩ


±0.2°C 0°C to 70°C


Flame-retardant ABS

Black bulb hemisphere

Anodised aluminium


115 x 85 x 28mm (HWD)


17.5 x 37mm diameter

Ingress Protection


Ambient range

-10°C to 60°C