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What are the problems and disadvantages with a SunSwitch® Infrared Heater?

sunswitch heaters in restaurant

Unlike conventional heaters, SunSwitch® Infrared Heaters do not heat the air, they only heat objects and us as people. This means you will only feel the warmth of the heater when you’re within the Infrared heating zone of the heater.

SunSwitch® Infrared Heaters must be sized up correctly to save disappointment (we offer this service free of charge to prevent ending up with a heater that is too small for your requirement).

SunSwitch® Infrared Heaters are very directional, and the positioning / mounting of the heaters is very important (we can help and advise you on this).

Most SunSwitch® Infrared Heaters will require installation by a qualified electrician.

All Infrared heater elements are fragile, so heaters must be handled and installed with care!

All shortwave Infrared Heater emit a reddish light which most people like, but you may fall in the minority of those who do not like the light. The light is not harmful, and heaters are always mounted above and out of direct line of vision.

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